FMA 20


The most amusing comment I've had to have seen about  hHagaren chapter 92 so far went something along the lines of "Lion King's going to need new dentures."

That is all.

Oh wait,  Sloth.

Heeeeeeeee. XP

Heaven help us all.

I was going to post this yesterday, but I didn't feel like typing it up. Well, today there's no excuse for putting it off any longer.

The Christmas Cards have started to arrive.
Yesterday we got three. Today? SIX. I'm kind of afraid that tomorrow's number is going to be twelve.

And the worst part? My family hasn't even made our cards yet, let alone
take a picture. I'm sure we'll get them done eventually, though. I think the only year we didn't send out cards was two years ago. Last year wasn't quite as bad--we only sent them out a week after Christmas, and it's the though that counts, right?


Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I met a homeless guy named Ernie today.

He said he had 174 tattoos.

And he could speak 7 languages.

He was kind of awesome.

And in case you were wondering, this was part of my annual mission outreach program the teens from my church diocese do. Last year we met a man who said he had a million dollars in his duffel bag. I hope he's doing ok.